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No Scarring, No Wounds, No Pain, No downtime

JTR clients are thrilled with our advanced laser tattoo removal technology because we can remove tattoos faster and more comfortably. Previous generation technology broke the top layer of the skin, which resulted in slow-to-heal, painful scarring and open wounds. Our Laser System targets the ink directly and stimulates the ink to fade away, avoiding dreadful side effects of scarring, wounds, pain, and downtime.

In addition, previous generation equipment treated only a limited amount of colors. Our clients prefer our technology because it uses multiple wavelengths, allowing us to treat more colors and remove more kinds of tattoos.

The technology used at JTR is a one of a kind technology. It stands above all its competitors for the simple reason that it is far more gentle on the skin. Almost all the other equipment in the marketplace aggressively tears through the top layer of your skin in order to make the tattoo disappear. The question you need to ask yourself is how important is the comfort level of the procedure to you? This new technology targets the pigment and gradually fades it away versus literally all other equipment which tears through the skin to achieve similar results. Our system is one of the only technologies in the marketplace that does not require you to apply after care products and bandaging. After your treatment, you are good to go!

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