Frequently Asked Questions

What type of Tattoos can be removed?
Our technology is able to remove all colors.

How does Tattoo removal work?
The laser emits a focused beam of light which passes harmlessly through the outer layer of skin and is absorbed primarily by the Tattoo ink. The light is converted into heat which breaks the ink into tiny particles. The ink fragments are carried away by the body's lymphatic system. The Tattoo will then fade over a series of treatments.

Does Tattoo removal hurt?
Technology of the past could be quite painful, however, the new technology that we use has vastly improved. In fact, it's even more comfortable than the process of putting on a Tattoo.

What type of equipment is used to remove a Tattoo?
A Q switched Laser System which is a powerful dual wave system for Tattoo and pigmented lesion removal.

What type of prior work experience do I need to operate Tattoo lasers?
Anyone from any walk of life can learn to operate a laser Tattoo providing they have proper training (which we provide). In the states of California, New Jersey, and Florida there are additional requirements. Please ask us for details if you live there.

Can I set up a Tattoo removal business and run it absentee by hiring staff?
Absolutely, a business person with no laser experience can hire the appropriate people to operate this business.

What type of clientele comes in for Tattoo removal?
The past "perception" was of people who hang out at pool halls but in truth, so many millions of people have Tattoos that we see them on doctors, lawyers, business people and every profession under the sun - ranging from the most clean cut person to the other end of the spectrum.

How much does Tattoo removal cost?
As low as $100 per treatment up to as much as $1000+, depending upon size of the Tattoo.

How many treatments does one need to remove a Tattoo?
Typically six treatments are needed, however, more treatments may be needed depending upon the colors and size.

Is the market flooded with Tattoo removal locations?
No, but tattoo removal locations are rapidly increasing in popularity so the time to act is now! Tattoos are also removed in physicians’ offices and medical spas.

What type of income could I make?
A typical treatment may take you ten minutes or less. It would be reasonable to book four treatments per hour. Let's say, however, you booked only two treatments per hour and the average cost was $200. The potential revenue from this example is $400/hour. In a six hour day, you could, earn $2400 in revenue.

Do your consulting services include marketing tips?
Yes, we are marketing experts. We have written a book on marketing and own a full service advertising and marketing company. Our goal is to help make YOU successful.

How much money do I need to open a tattoo removal business?
Total investment for everything which includes 35k of working capital, equipment, all start up costs including deposits and consulting fee all combined equals approximately $140,000. Cash investment required equals a total of only $40,000 to open your doors. The remainder may be financed.

How long would it take to get rolling?
One could get rolling in 90-120 days.

What kind of training do you provide?
You would receive eight days of training, 40 hours of which are in the classroom, followed by two days of clinical hands-on training on live models and a final day of business training.

Does this business have big overhead?
The beauty of this business is it has much less overhead than opening up a full service medical spa offering all types of laser and skin treatments.

Do I need a lot of employees?
One of the many benefits of this business is that you can own and operate it by yourself or with as little as one other employee!

Is this market growing?
In the year 2000 over 40 million people had a Tattoo. In 2002 it was stated 1 in 8 people had a Tattoo. 50% of these people want it removed, according to American Society of Dermatological Surgery.

Why "just" Tattoo removal - why not offer other services as well such as laser hair removal?
We have found the key to success is being the expert at something. To offer all things to all people works if you have a multimillion dollar budget, however when one is starting any type of new business it's always better to focus on one avenue.

What type of experience do you have in Tattoo removal?
We own and operate our own full service medical spa where we perform Tattoo removal treatments. We also own and operate National Laser Institute which is a laser training school.

Why are you using a laser to remove Tattoos - are there other methods?
The laser is the only effective method we have seen in the marketplace and is the procedure of choice by all reputable organizations.

How much training would I need before I personally could perform Tattoo removal treatments?
You would need to attend one of our one week training sessions.

Can anyone from any business background own and operate a Tattoo removal business?

Do I need to be a nurse or have a medical background to own/operate a Tattoo removal business?
Not at all. We know stay at home moms, receptionists, hair stylists and real estate agents who have become very successful Tattoo removal business owners.

How does opening a tattoo removal business compare to opening up a medical spa?
Simply put, it is much more affordable to open a Tattoo removal business; in fact, 3-4 times less expensive. Also, medical spas are MUCH more competitive as there are so many out there now. We feel the biggest advantage of owning a Tattoo removal business is that you will be the expert in a niche field, a huge competitive advantage. Also, medical spas cannot operate successfully on a part-time basis whereas Tattoo removal businesses definitely can.

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